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From foundations to finials ...

With great architectural and spatial understanding, his flair for colour and decorative detail, an artist's eye for beauty and harmony, and a theatrical awareness of the 'scenery of our lives’, Aidan James Hurren designs something bespoke for every client. Consultation is always the first step in every design, but the final design is often far beyond what the client could have imagined. 

an apartment in Berlin

Throughout his career, recognising the breadth of his creativity , increasingly Aidan’s clients have asked him not only to do the interior design, but also the exterior design as well. This has often included the design of extensions or altogether new buildings, and the landscape around them.

This has developed a 'panoramic' overview, which involves working closely with all professionals, tradesmen and suppliers, so nothing gets overlooked or forgotten: the scrutinising 'designer's eye' is directed to all things, which means creates a cohesive and co-ordinated finish to the work.

So from the Concept to the last finishing touches, whether it be an architectural project or ‘just’ decoration, Aidan will be involved at every stage, bringing the same attention to detail to every aspect of the work, whether it be the distribution of rooms or the scattering of the cushions.

So Interiors - Exteriors - Renovations - New-build covers a full spectrum of possible works, and in every detail.

From foundations to finials indeed.

about Aidan

For more than 30 years Aidan has been continually widening his practical experience and knowledge, through countless projects of every type and size.

Following his Art School training as an Illustrator, and his years working in the professional theatre as an actor and as a designer, his trajectory as an Interior Designer began initially as a colour-expert specialist decorator and Mural Artist. 

Working first mostly in London, he very quickly won jobs very widely across England, and then far beyond: in the Channel Islands, in Ireland, and in Florida. More international work soon followed - around Europe, in the USA, in the Caribbean, and in Sa’udi Arabia; but always, in the UK too.

stainless steel garden gazebo

In 2003, Aidan relocated to Mallorca, Spain, but continues to work internationally, from Spain, or from his second home in Berlin, Germany. Recent major projects in Mallorca, Greece and England have kept him traveling - and gathering ever more inspiration! Currently he is working on a private home in the French Alps.

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